Flesh and Blood Armory Events May


 Armory Event - Classic Constructed

Join us for an Armory Event

Most Excellent Comics & Gaming will be hosting an Armory Event Tournament.

Join us Every Friday in May for our In-Store for this Armory Event!


Event Details

  • Entry: $10.00
  • Start Time: 7:00PM
  • This is an In-Store Event


Flesh and Blood GEM ID is Required

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Deck Construction

  • In Classic Constructed, players register up to 80 cards +1 hero card. This includes weapon(s), equipment and cards in deck.
  • A deck may contain up to 3 copies of each unique card. A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card. (e.g. Sink Below pitch {r} is unique from Sink Below pitch {r}{r}{r}. You can have up to 3 copies of each version of Sink Below in your deck.)
  • A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class as your hero card. A deck must also comply with the Classic Constructed card legality policy for official play.



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  • 4 Kavdaen, Trader of Skins (Cold Foil)
  • 32 ??? (Rainbow Foil Extended Art)
  • 1 Crazy Brew (Cold Foil Full Art)
  • 1 Crucible of War playmat
  • 1 'People's Champion' playmat - Gorganian Tome
  • Kavdaen event posters